Tuesday, January 6, 2009

First Blood - Part 1

Well not quite taken from a scene from Rambo..but Sunday morning woke up to "oooww I am peeing myself must do more PF excercises" put hand down there and its red. Rush to the toilet and had a gush. Not a scary scary one but a bit more than most peoples period one. Ant is up with me and I tell him to wake Luka we are off to the hospital. Had just felt bubby move in bed so was not so much worried as almost excited..maybe we are getting out baby a bit early!!! Anyway to get to the point...its now Tuesday morning and am still in hospital. The loss continued (couple of small clots and like a period..until Sunday evening and then nothing its just 'brown town now' - sorry the details are so friendly heee.
So have had a very comprehensive scan with biophysical profile stuff in it..and all very good. Nothing sinister looking at all. And bub a good size at 33wk 5 days 2.5kg or about 5lb 7. Have had the 2 steroid shots to mature lungs in case things escalated and been on the CTG every 6 hours and baby behaving perfectly lots of movement and great heart rate - responding at the right times etc..they happy. As you can see I am quite upbeat at present mainly due to getting some SLEEP (discovered am allowed some sleeping tabs and bought ear plugs) Praise be to the Temazapan god!!!) First night had only 2 hours tossing turning stressing and just uncomfortable noisy hospital rooms - oh and did I mention that I am in post labour maternity wards - yes thats right with mums and babies and about 6 rooms away from where i spent 6 long arduous toughest nights of my life 14 months ago. GRRRR...GOD. So couple of massive 'silent' sobs into my pillow first afternoon/evening. It was all just way too familiar..the smells, sounds and here I am IN THIS PLACE again and No baby... At least they had the consideration to put me in with 2 mums that babies are in special care..not scary NICU but born around 33 - 34 weeks so will be home in a week or so...although during the night that changed and a Mum and new baby girl arrived across from me. Always a bit better that its a girl though for me - silly huh.
So anyway goal for today is to get this CALLED by the head ob Lee who is visiting me. Yes you have placenta previa and it WILL be a caesaerean .. and then I want a finish line..and a date in a calender to strive for. Wish me luck and thanks for you support beautiful girls.


CLC said...

Oh, how scary. I am glad they put you in the hospital though. That must be some relief for you getting all those tests and seeing that the little one is doing fine. Hopefully, he will hang in there a few more weeks!

Ya Chun said...

Wow! That's scary, but I am glad everything is being taken care of and you are at the hospital. Darn placenta.

k@lakly said...

A girl can't catch a break...can't imagine how terrifying and traumatic the past days have been. SO glad they are monitoring you. Make them keep doing it. You deserve the extra attention and so does the wee one.
Keeping EVERYTHING crossed for this ones safe arrival.

c. said...

Glad that the turn of events have resulted in some added monitoring, Ange. I am beside myself thinking how scared you must have been. Everything crossed that bub's safe arrival happens soon. XO.

Azaera said...

Good luck!!