Sunday, January 17, 2010

Thrilled and pissed all at the same time

Have had the follow up scan and a very healthy good sized GIRL to be seen. All looks wonderful with her and she was squirming around and is nearly a week bigger than her due date. So we were a bit shocked as I was expecting 3 boys in a row and of course very happy.
When they got down to the placenta it is not only low it looks to be completely covering the cervix with some on the posterior wall and most on the anterior. Only 19 weeks and I know things can move but UGGGHHH. So am not even going to go there for now. Will have another scan around 25-26 and will then assess it. Not feeling confident and was worrying lots for about 24hours but feeling a bit calmer now.
Its not the c section that concerns me - its the much higher risk beforehand. Being put on rest and no lifting (how do you do that with a 12month old) and risk of big bleeds and stays in hospital etc are very real and possible scenarios with placenta previa. Oh well for now she is growing well and all is ok. How silly that I might have thought this would be a walk in the park...

Saturday, January 9, 2010

An update

I have never been much of a blogger although I have enjoyed reading, crying and laughing along with so many others. It has been such a lifeline and a place to rest my lonely sad head at times. Just felt so normal to hang with DBMum's in those first months. So essential.
As is often the case and written about here - after 2 years and the intensity receded - I feel less of a need to read and write and comment although being pregnant again it is comforting and nice to share that with so many of you lovely gals. However I must say the more recent rush of pregnancies from women that I so closely walked with 2 years ago has made me a little bit more addicted all over again. Its lovely to see Tash and C and Ya Chun and G and others all with growing bellies and I wait with much anticipation to hear about the arrivals of these much awaited little ones.

As for me I have hit 18 weeks and have the very rare faint nudges from within and I look forward to them gaining more oomph over the coming weeks. Have the halfway scan and a detailed OB appt over the next couple of weeks and will discuss how this baby might arrive. I would prefer a VBAC but will wait and see. First I must avoid any high drama like last time with partial placenta previa. That was not much fun!!

So will let you know more when I do and in the meantime all the best for 2010 to you all. We deserve only good things. x