Friday, November 28, 2008

Placenta not playing nice.

This morning had a scan to check on beautiful baby and my placenta. I am 28 weeks and little one is looking good. Measuring about 1.3kg (2.8lbs) which is a little chunky for this stage. Plus good fluid, great cord blood flow etc etc. So was very happy and relieved to see and hear all that. HOWEVER my placenta is still low and appears to actually cover my cervix a little. I have called my doctor to get her opinion on the scan results and her advice for this stage but no reply as yet.
So until I talk to her I won't "call it" placenta praevia but its looking like its not going to move. BLOODY HELL.

So if it was 'just' that I need to have a C section then I would adjust my head to this idea and of course would just deal with it. Anything for a healthy live baby and healthy Mum right!! But its not just this condition people and you will discover it makes me "high risk" as if having a dead baby last time was not "high risk enough". Greater risks of bleeds, and placental abruptions and other such fun stuff.
I have had my big cry session but I am trying to 'wait' until I talk to Dr Lee until I start to worry too much.

Any ideas or advice or some fabulous outcome stories would be great. Please can you guys cheer me up.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Eyes Open

Well things sure are interesting being pregnant after surviving a 3rd trimester loss. Some days go by fairly quickly and other times it seems to be SO SLOW and that finish line just so far away. I really don't know how I am going to get through the many weeks ahead. I was reading that at this stage 26weeks 'babies eyes are opening' - how sweet, how amazing. And all I can think of is 'please stay open'. My dear friend K is 'getting her baby tomorrow' and I am SO excited for her. I just cannot imagine the anxiety to be that close. But it also gives me such encouragement to just plod along one day at a time and soon enough, hopefully it will be my turn, my happy ending.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Surviving 1st Birthdays's

Well my little one, your Mummy got through a rather hard week. Missing you more than ever and wishing she could be watching your toothy grin as you squealed with delight over cake and presents. Or hey maybe you would just be more interested in playing with the paper and in the box than with those new toys and books.
I love you little darling boy. I miss you.