Saturday, April 26, 2008

Word of the day Disappointed...

Well i have had a great weekend. Have just driven to Byron Bay of the most glorious places in Australia..and saw some fab music ... a little bit hard rock which was jumping laughing fun...
So quite a few drinks enjoyed (yes yes trying to find balance between this 2 year pregnancy bullshit no kid thing) and sometimes that includes getting a bit crazy. so 2 of my best girlfriends there L ..who was so there when shit hit fan and R who has been darling friend in certain parts of my life, loads of laughs and champers and - (we had great successful business together) anyway she kinda shown herself to be just my good time girlfriend and not the solid soul sister that i thought she was. I hate even writing that..but its the truth.

Anyway as the night evolved out of a dozen people out to see this very famous fun band... everyone starts doing different stuff... a couple going to and fro from one bar to new bar, one two other friends getting a little sideways, some maybe need to go early even after my understanding that this is Ange with our guys having super laughs, great tunes and giggles... (hey you can screw him whenever...what about me) Anyway people were lost bla bla...but STILL i so had fun at the gig with my rocker A. So to cut long story...I sent texts saying where did everyone go, why didnt you text or matter how much beer taken in..we not in our "home town" so connect and make sure all back at hotels or whatever and everyone ok..and the word that featured in these texts was DISAPPOINTED. And i rambled further about this to A and then yet again this morn in our hazy drive home to Bris. And then I had the Dr Phil moment that..I am not disappointed about who left one bar to make out at another or bla bla bla its about my baby.

WHAT I WANT TO i am disappointed that you DON'T GET IT. I want you to get it and i want to be acknowledged. I want his name said and i just want you to miss him even a bit and to ask about me...yes i dance and laugh even look like old Ange.. am almost pre preg size 8 (think that a 6 or 4 or some such nonsense in USA)..and am otherwise busy with lots of projects to distract me...but do you remember my BABY DIED.

What I am disappointed about is the fact i have to remind you in a passive aggressive way such as (hmmm still could lose 5 kilos its that baby weight hanging around) or (yeah was going to do this or that or fuckin whatever but Noah died and that changed) REMEMBER.

so hey its not about a night out its a lot of stuff. like who did not come to me after Noah and yet sent lovely messages but cancelled 3 visits due to work/stuff/slight hangover/sick/busy. Friend R... that I love.
So do i have to let you go a little.. Maybe i do..You just my fun girl..that wishes she could deal with big grown up stuff...but until Dead Baby is the name of cocktail we are just sometimes, when times are good friends. and that sucks! and its one more person i need to miss!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

5 months today...

and I want MY BABY...I MISSSS MY BABY!!!!! Not coping this very minute. Everyone that is commenting about how it gets worse before it gets better..i agree with. I was better off at 3 months then I have been in the last few weeks. Its just the reality has sunk in! This is real and this sucks. I don't want this to be my life, my story. I want to rewind and be naive and excited and hopeful and joyful. I don't want to go through the goddam motions in my new job or pretending to be excited and interested in almost every bloody social thing we do. I am just angry and sad and terrified and frustrated. But i just wanted to take this opportunity to say thanks to all you girls out there..the ones I love to read and who just "get me". You have made a truely shocking experience almost bearable.

....I love you Noah. Darling, how I wish more than anything I could hold you and kiss you and tell you how adored you are. What a brave little guy you are - my beautiful, perfect little man. love Mama xx