Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The finish line

Well I am home now...had not had any blood for 48 hours and so am to lay low at home and hopefully avoid further bleeding.
Was very pleased to be given some very clear info and answers.
1. It will be a c section at around 36/37 weeks - EXACT DATE TBA within the next week.
2. If i bleed again I go back into hospital until the baby comes.
3. Another doc appointment and scan next week to keep me going.
4. Head consultant will perform the surgery as it is a high risk caesar

So by the end of January this baby should be born and I hope with every ounce within me that all will be well and I get my happy ending.

Because I must make even a c section more complicated ... one of the negs is that because the placenta is anterior they must cut through it and get bub out straight away. There is a greater chance than a with a normal caesar of bleeding that cannot be stopped and so in very rare cases and I guess to save your life a hysterectomy needs to be performed. SOO in light of this they (they being the head consultant my lovely lady Lee and her team) are in discussion about perhaps doing the section under a general. You almost have to laugh.. or cry... hmmm.

So I did my usual freak out and then more calmly examined this info in my head and even visualised the surgery taking place in a calm, orderly, highly efficient way..not like a emergency room after a car accident - like you might see on the TV. And after a lovely sleep in ... in my own bed... am feeling better about it all.

You know what ... WHATEVER .. if I have a general and I am woken in recovery with a beaming husband holding a photo of a live baby or perhaps even the 'real thing' and he tells me all is fine with our little one and that I also still have a uterus intact. Well thats a pretty good day out isn't it.

Its amazing how the line just changes and you just keep 'dealing with it'. I must be tougher than I ever thought.

Now I have a pile of about 8 DVD's to keep me on the off I go. xxx


ezra'smommy said...

wishing you the best! you are an inspiration.

banbear2 said...

So you are hoping to have a baby by the end of January and I am hoping to NOT have a baby by the end of January!
I'm sure all will go well, remember they do these things on a daily basis and know up front what your high risk issues are and how to deal with them.

k@lakly said...

Well, you kep it interesting, that's for sure. I hope they don't have to do it under general but I know whatever it takes to get the healthy baby, that's what needs to be done.
Sounds like you have the right attitude. Glad to hear they are watching both of you so closely.
Fingers crossed for a safe delivery and of course, for that happy ending:)

Ya Chun said...

that finish line is a moving target, isn't it?
good luck with the next few weeks!

CLC said...

Yes, it is amazing that you keep dealing with whatever they throw at you! You are an inspiration! I hope the date is determined soon and everything you described is unneceesary. But as you said, who cares as long as they get that little one out kicking and screaming!

G$ said...

Hang in there hun. You are close to that line! You remain in my thoughts.

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