Monday, March 8, 2010

Baby girl update

Have been feeling great - almost like a normal pregnancy and time is just passing by. Went for a check on her and placenta scan a few days ago and it is still low and covered - just not as fully covered as the half way scan. So it is migrating but I am not expecting it to move enough that I can avoid the C section and the potential dramas that come with placenta previa.

So am taking a fairly cautious approach and have advertised for an au pair to move in and for free room and meals they help out for a few hours a day. Its perfect for young travellers and Australia gets plenty of them - so have a German girl and a Swedish girl that are keen to meet with me. I just want to do anything to keep me out of hospital or to prevent bleeding etc and just get to 36-37 weeks again.

So for now I just wait and watch this tummy grow and enjoy family and friends. Its probably normal for all of you but after nearly 2 1/2 years I still think about my darling Noah many times a day - does that ever end. I miss my gorgeous 2 year old boy.