Friday, July 4, 2008

My baby boy

How I miss you darling boy. Can it really be 8 months since I saw your pretty little face. I look at bigger babies now, babies that sit up and maybe crawl and are getting some teeth. And I wonder what you would be like. I think of how things could have been and I am sorry that I did not know you were sick in my tummy darling. The effect your little life has had on your daddy and me and your big sister is so profound. We talk about you, we cry about you, we smile and remember the smallest little things and feel such love in our hearts - and its all for you Noah.

Today Mummy is frightened and also hopeful, she is going to have a scan to see if she has another baby just starting to grow. I must be brave just as you were.

I love you.


Azaera said...

aww. fingers crossed for you and the new little one that everything goes okay.

CLC said...

Thinking of you and your boy. Wishing he was still here. Hopeful for your future.

k@lakly said...

Sending lots of hope and positive thoughts for you at the scan.
Thinking of you and Noah and the chance for a new life too.

Julia said...

I am sorry Noah isn't here with you. It's a hard place to be-- mourning and hoping at the same time. Thinking of you and your whole family.

k@lakly said...

Checking in and hoping everything is ok:)

張惠妹a-mei said...